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rockwool blanket
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Rockwool Blanket Insulation (With Wire Mesh)

Rockwool insulation blanket with wire mesh roll (Rock wool reel wires) Mineral Wool Insulation Blanket, Rockwool Blanket Sound Absorption face: Rockwool Blanket can be sewn with galvanized wire mesh and laminated with Aluminum Foil, Black Tissue and other materials encountered.


Rockwool (mineral) product is a lightweight economical thermal insulation material which is also recognized as one of the best materials for the purpose of thermal insulation and is made from a mixture of natural stone (basalt and dolomite) melting at high temperatures to form a liquid matrix, which is then passed through the air flow cools the material and shape of the long fibrous strands. These strands are bound together to form sheets, blocks, blankets, pipe blankets and granulates (non-bonded). Material that is chemically and biologically inert and free from plant pathogens.

Temperature: -269 ~ 850C \
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