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Specification of rockwool blanket wire tangerang

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Rockwool products are non-flammable and have a melting point of around 1000 ° C. It is suitable for temperature isolation, fire protection and sound reduction / absorption.

Rockwool is made of inorganic material and is not nutritious so it is free of microorganisms. Mineral wool will not rot and is lice free.

In the manufacturing process, Rockwool products do not contain CFC, HFC, HC FCS, or asbestos.

Rockwool products are suitable for cinemas, music studios, meeting rooms, housing, commercial buildings and industrial buildings.


Stable in various rooms
Impact resistant
Environmentally friendly

Rockwool rolls (blanket) are given in the form of a fold / roll (depending on the manufacturer). Rockwool sheets (Slabs) are given in packs with 6 sheets of content per pax.

All products are wrapped in polyethylene sheets for easy handling, shipping, storage and identification.

Rockwool products must be stored indoors or protected from water when stored outdoors.

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